Leeuwenhoek had stolen and peeped into the fantastic sub-visible world of little things, creatures that had lived, had bred, had battled, had died, completely hidden from and unknown to all men from the beginning of time. Beasts these were of a kind that ravaged and annihilated whole races of men ten million times larger than they were themselves. Beings these were, more terrible than fire-spitting dragons or hydra-headed monsters. They were silent assassins that murdered babies in warm cradles and kings in sheltered places. It was this invisible, insignificant, but implacable-and sometimes friendly- world Leeuwenhoek had looked into for the first time of all men of all countries. ~Microbe Hunters

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It all started when Health Sciences study for exams. We go crazy. Jillian goes the craziest…and the craziness continues. One day, while studying for exams, Jillian was convinced there was a leprechaun in her room holding a knife and staring at her. Why she came out and laughed telling this story?? I still have no idea. I think that I thought she was having a psychotic break.  
Not too long ago, her Crispy Minis went missing from under the counter on her side of the cupboard. Nope, none of the girls we live with took them…it was this infamous leprechaun. For heaven’s sake, she told me last week that this leprechaun, still unnamed, was going to come out of my closet in the middle of the night and hit me in the head with a cauliflower. After laughing for about an hour at this response to me saying ‘he is not real’, I got out of my snug bed, and proceeded to check my closet. Have I become psycho like Jillian?? I know I have lived with her for a while now, but now, I’m afraid of what will come of our roommate telepathy. Will she try and take my clothes and then my “adot” necklace and then tear out my navel piercing resulting in the murder of poor me? That’s what happened in the movie we watched the last time she was at my house.
What is weird; I have begun to refer to the leprechaun as well. My chicken is missing. Did I throw it out by an accident, or did the leprechaun take it? What does a leprechaun look like anyways?? You just know, when you are talking about ‘the leprechaun’, you just know. He pops into your mind and you just know.
So dear Jillian,
You are the most messed up person I know, but you make me die of laughter so we can be roommates fo laaafe. And the leprechaun, he is cool too…beating someone is the best thing to do with cauliflower- no one likes it anyways.

Gett well soon, home-skillin-bacon-grillin-peanut-pina-colada biscuit <3 The house is lonely without you!!

Darn good and sure of it,


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  1. I want some Crispy Minis. I don't know what they are, but they sound good. And your roommate is crazy. Lock your door.