Leeuwenhoek had stolen and peeped into the fantastic sub-visible world of little things, creatures that had lived, had bred, had battled, had died, completely hidden from and unknown to all men from the beginning of time. Beasts these were of a kind that ravaged and annihilated whole races of men ten million times larger than they were themselves. Beings these were, more terrible than fire-spitting dragons or hydra-headed monsters. They were silent assassins that murdered babies in warm cradles and kings in sheltered places. It was this invisible, insignificant, but implacable-and sometimes friendly- world Leeuwenhoek had looked into for the first time of all men of all countries. ~Microbe Hunters

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Am I Boring you?

It appears my very animated, laugh-at-myself funny stories have bored the hell out of my roommates. My mom always says I flail my arms around as if I am ‘swatting away my future bee farm”. Yes, I am going to farm bees when I am old. Not old like 60, old like 30. Sorry, mom, yeah you’re old to me.

I find myself so funny. Is that so weird? I laugh at my own jokes? I laugh at everything, though. Some people think I'm insensitive to the fat guy who can't tie his shoe, but it is just so sad sometimes it is funny. I watched 3 hours of the Bachelor tonight, and I laughed during the entire show. I was laughing at every little thing that happened, but seriously, I could not believe how sad it was that I was wasting 3 hours of my life on this stupid show.

By the way, I think they are perfect for each other, the bachelor and that Courtney chick- they are both douches. Courtney because she is a douche to the other girls and Bachelor boy because he needs a haircut, he’s short, and he didn’t wear a helmet skiing.

Anyways, I know I get side tracked in my stories and don’t get to the point as soon as I could. And I know I sometimes cant remember a word, or I switch words like crackers and carrots in stories by an accident and you no longer know what I am saying. I know I am not the greatest story teller in the world, but lately, I have not gotten to share with the world my thoughts, and I'm sad. All I can do is type these blogs and tell the people who don’t know me how my life is going. 

My blogs, if you haven’t noticed, carry only the general topic of what happened in my day, but instead of making this a diary of my life today, I chose to make it more of a history lesson for my future. You don’t get the full effect of my little stories, or what goes down around here.

Here is what’s happening. Straight up. Amelia is interrupting me every time I open my mouth, and Krystina and her have stopped inviting me out anywhere because "I would never go anyway".

There, I said it. I sit in my room and study on a Saturday night.

I go out sometimes on Thursday night pub nights, but I have work to do. Some University programs should not be offered. Pay the same price as someone who actually has to work and party the whole time? Sounds like first year to me…not third..

Anyway, this is pissing me off, but I have a month and a half until I am outta here!! Living with Jillian and Nicole in a 3 bedroom apartment. Finally, I will be able to shower once a day. Finally I will be able to talk, not just listen. Finally I will be free of this petty, stupid, ditzy drama!

It rained, again, today. I’m just pissy.

Darn good and sure of it,


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