Leeuwenhoek had stolen and peeped into the fantastic sub-visible world of little things, creatures that had lived, had bred, had battled, had died, completely hidden from and unknown to all men from the beginning of time. Beasts these were of a kind that ravaged and annihilated whole races of men ten million times larger than they were themselves. Beings these were, more terrible than fire-spitting dragons or hydra-headed monsters. They were silent assassins that murdered babies in warm cradles and kings in sheltered places. It was this invisible, insignificant, but implacable-and sometimes friendly- world Leeuwenhoek had looked into for the first time of all men of all countries. ~Microbe Hunters

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stalker award goes to...

This is actually quite a humorous, ironic story.

Sitting in Pathophysiology 2 weeks ago, Krista noticed she was on the background image of some random blonde chick’s computer at the front of the class. Weird, we thought. Then I noticed, I was in it too. Who was this girl and why are we her wallpaper on her computer.

Don’t most blondes put pictures of cute pandas or sunsets on their home screen image? I’m allowed to say that, I’m blonde. This is my home screen image:
Someone's farm.

No sir, no strange people for me. (If this is your farm, I would like to talk to you about selling it to me. I was driving by your house and I liked it, so I took a picture. Is that weird?)

I guess this girl could have a logical explanation for having Krista and I as her home screen image. We couldn’t find one. Instead, we announced to everyone we knew that some chick was creeping us.

Last night we had a few hundred thousand people over to pre-drink and get ready to go out to the bar on campus. Included was one of Krystina’s friends, Cristal. Cristal is blonde and ditzy. Krystina is Asian and ditzy. Tonight was going to be the night they get "white girl wasted" (And continued to sing that even after I informed them of the real colour of Krystina’s skin).

Krystina and Cristal were talking in the kitchen as I was paining my nails a wonderful shade of grey. Despite the objections from everyone that grey is "for dead people", I thought it looked awesome and it was 99 cents at target; something of which I could brag about if someone commented. Always gotta think of conversation starters…


The 2 girls wanted a picture of me cuz I’m so awesome in my gangsta swag in a bright blue over-sized sweater. The picture of us- 2 blondes and an Asian grabbing our crotches and shooting fake guns- looks pretty cool. I really would show you the picture, but Cristal has it, and I really don't know her...

Cristal: Ouu, new background picture on my computer!

(I hope you read that in your ditsiest tone)

Oh, Kay… Some chick I just met idolises my gangstaness AND she wants to put me as her background image instead of cute pandas or sunsets?

Me: So, do you sit at the front of the class in Patho?

Cristal: Uh yeah, why?

Me: Ohhhh my god. Was it you that had Krista and I as part of your last background? OH MY GOSH!! WE THOUGHT YOU WERE SOOOO CREEPY!! We saw us on some blonde chick’s computer screen a few weeks ago!

*que run around like an idiot trying to find Krista to tell her the news*

Turns out, we photo bombed a nursing picture. Props Krista- the way we fly in MedLab.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to Patho tonight, where I will be on the background of some blonde chick’s computer doing my gangsta pose. This time I will know her name, but it doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Darn good and sure of it,


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