Leeuwenhoek had stolen and peeped into the fantastic sub-visible world of little things, creatures that had lived, had bred, had battled, had died, completely hidden from and unknown to all men from the beginning of time. Beasts these were of a kind that ravaged and annihilated whole races of men ten million times larger than they were themselves. Beings these were, more terrible than fire-spitting dragons or hydra-headed monsters. They were silent assassins that murdered babies in warm cradles and kings in sheltered places. It was this invisible, insignificant, but implacable-and sometimes friendly- world Leeuwenhoek had looked into for the first time of all men of all countries. ~Microbe Hunters

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Quarantine Me, Please

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture for the most recent "We Eff-ed Up" sidebar. Someone, aka, Amelia, got embarrassed about her many fails and CLEANED IT UP HERSELF!!

I give her props for throwing out her molding ground beef that had been in the fridge for weeks until yesterday, and after for taking out the garbage bag that she plopped it into.

She was very cleaver in this endeavor. She had one of her friends from class (who didn't know about her past fails) over, and told said girl that the beef must have belonged to Krista. Since I say we all have to keep each other clean, it was her duty to clean it up. There she goes, dragging this poor innocent girl into the moldy mess.

Most everyone else was gone out to the library when the shenanigans went down. Jillian, however, was in her room, studying while listening to titanic music when the girls started screaming and dry-heaving. What a way to be interrupted.

Anyways, in their attempt to void the new resident of our house, they must have disturbed it and made it exhale a bunch of its spores into the surrounding area of the kitchen/living room as the monster wasn't about to leave gracefully. However, the grace of it's departure may or may not have been reflected in the grace of the one disposing it.  The entire house smelt like... like... well, old-beef, people-fart, moldy-socks, and fish-sticks seems to describe the stench. Clearly she was trying to murder us by exposing us to her moldy beef spores

Jillian was the one from whom I heard of this disaster-ness. Apparently the smell drifted into her room off the kitchen. Poor girl.

Nothing beats the disposal of the pasta sauce when Miss Amelia put her pasta sauce back in the cupboard at the beginning of the year. Reason: "Nope, this is what my family does." After, the reason she didn't know you actually put it in the fridge: "My family uses like 5 bottles in one night so we never have to store it". GOLD STAR.

One day, a long time from now, I will show them this blog which revolves around them. Therefore, I cannot go into too much heat.

But the point of story. She did a half-ass job because I found mold on the floor by the fridge. I believe there is also residual redness from an unexplained source along the floor where the fridge door opens. I am deathly terrified of their fridge and the monsters that come out of it.

Real point of story: I can't be pleased, can I.

Darn good and sure of it,


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The 6th Sense

Now, I have seen the move 'Sixth Sense' a few times now. The first of which, I was in grade 3, and I almost died when someone left a cupboard open for about 8 years following.

According to that movie, the 6th sense is "I see dead people". I still don't understand what part of the body that seeing dead people requires. Seeing, you require eyes, hearing is ears, and a layer of cells with neuron receptors are needed to detect touch. Plain and simple.

Anyhow, since there are 6 senses, I thought I would make it right. The 6th sense is common sense and it requires the brain. It requires you to use all the other senses that you, as an able-bodied human, have evolved to understand. You are able to live without one, or multiple of the other senses and your body learns to cooperate with you and you learn, or grow up with the coping of the world to your abilities.

Unfortunately, common sense doesn't work like this. The degrees of common sense vary from person to person, my grandfather having the least of anyone (he wouldn't mind me saying that, we are coping with his Parkinson's). Right next to him of the common sense negative spectrum would be my roommates.

If you have the ability to see the mess on the counter, and feel the stickiness, and smell the fish chunks pushed into the cracks, and hear my sorrows, then you should wipe it up. Any normal person, with an average degree of common sense, would agree with me when I say, we need to clean that up before we get infested with bugs that we will be tasting in the middle of the night, when they crawl into our mouths.

I am a firm believer that there is a very thin line, in this situation, between laziness and stupidity to common sense. These girls are pushing the boundaries. I yelled to the world, when I got home from my exam, CLEAN THE COUNTERS CLEAN THE COUNTERS as I wiped up the mess described above- no exaggerations.

Oh, but they meant to but then forgot. So if you were going to walk across the street, but a car was coming and you walked anyways, because you forgot, would that be alright?

Moral of the story: I think my roommates can see dead people. Oh, and have no brains..

Darn good and sure of it,


My Baby!

I have the best Daddy in the whole entire world.

I called home yesterday to ask if they would be able to come and pick me up and help move my stuff to my new apartment in 11 days. In the background, I heard a muffling noise. I instantly knew that it was my baby!

Meat Penelope aka Penny
My wonderful amazing father has already taken out the interior and moved the gas tank to inside the car. He has put on some of the brackets, and by the time I get home from school, he will have the car all ready for me to paint. I am soooo thankful for him doing all this for me, even though I am not there to be his tool-handing, coffee-fetching, break-taking girl.

I asked him why he did all this for me,instead of waiting until I was there to help him, and he said, "You are sending me on a cruise when you get home, didn't I tell you?"

Darn good and sure of it,


Saturday, 14 April 2012

I Love Toilet Paper

"Do I need to buy toilet paper, or is anyone hoarding some in their room?"

That was the text I woke up to a few days ago. It seems that we are burning through the toilet paper like my roommate, Angelica, did first semester of first year. Anyways, everyone knows I have a huge stash of toilet paper and paper towels in my room because, if you know me, you know that there is nothing like a sale. 

So, yes, no duh do I have toilet paper, so that text was basically telling me I have to refill the stash under the sink.

There is one problem. No one here knows how to use toilet paper properly. I'm thinking I should deprive them of itr until they learn the ways of the toilet paper world. For one, if you are running low, you have to put a roll within arms reach so the one in need has access to it. Using your hands to wipe gets old after about the 12th time in a row. And another, the toilet paper must come OVER THE TOP OF THE ROLL. It looks so much better, and it is just so much easier. It is a very essential concept in the toilet paper industry. 

At least in living with Angelica, she knew these essential ways. I never ever had to change the toilet paper roll as it was always perfectly full. However, if you were to look under the bathroom sink, our stash would be depleting faster than the line of Hummers burn through gas. I swear, I bought more toilet paper living with her, than my mother buys for 7 people. 

Living with Jillian the following semester, we laughed every time we had to change the toilet paper roll. We knew that Angelica was probably either eating or excreting waste so messily that she just went through a pack of 12 when we went through one roll. However, that one roll was placed beside the toilet prior to the previous roll running out, then the new roll was put on with the paper coming over the top of the roll. 

Now, the 3 other girls I share a washroom with (Krista, Krystina and Amelia), are way less OCD than all my other bathroom-mates in my life. They dont care about the art of toilet paper, thus, I lose my mind and I have to call for someone to bring me a roll of toilet paper from my room.

I have 10 days left until exams are over, and Instead of stressing over Biochem, I am stressing over toilet paper. Wow.

Darn good and sure of it,


Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Locals

Final exam  number one was today. Unfortunately, the order of my exams are: easiest to hardest, and typically the amount of time I spend on each exam decreases from most to least. Needless to say, I will have an A+ in the class, thus boosting my falling GPA. 

Anyways, point of the story: I saw a man with rabbit ears.

I was on the 20 minute bus ride back home from where the exam was held, but I had to stop at No Thrills because I have basically zero food to eat. On my way to the grocery store, the bus passed this man wearing a rabbit ear headband. Like so:
Like so.
The man was a middle aged bald guy carrying 2 reusable grocery bags. When the bus stopped to let people on, he continued to walk, averting his eyes from all the curious people on the bus, including me. My trip continued, I know that this city is a little messed up sometimes so, cool, way to go for this guy to carry on the Easter spirit for an extra week.

I got off at the stop beside the graveyard to walk across to the grocery store, passed the fat little chub chub boy carrying the Hot-n'-Ready pizza sign from Little Caesars. In one door of the grocery store, and out the other. You cant stay in there too long, or you might be converted to the white trash locals. (was that mean?) (This is what we made for dinner with the food I purchased). 

Anyways, on my way back to the bus stop, I saw the bald guy with the ears again! He walked the entire way that I bused to get the the store. Then, as I was waiting to cross the street onto the side he was on so I could ask him why he had the ears, he kept on walking up the street, not glancing my way even the slightest. Again, I got on the bus, and passed him walking up the street with his 2 reusable grocery bags, North, towards the University.


When I got home, I announced my return to my roommates (who locked me out of the house for 15 minutes, but that's another story) and I told them of my strange encounter. 

Apparently, according to Jillian's boyfriend, Tawd, who is a local to this nut-house city, this man is well-known around town. Apparently, his daughter died when she was very young and he wears the ears because she was born on Easter Sunday and he wants to remember her. However, other people have said that he wears them because his daughter died on Easter, or she really liked rabbits, or he is an outpatient at the local psychiatric hospital...I really don't know what to believe.

Without spreading any rumours about this guy, the only thing I can say for certain is that this man is pretty strange. What ever his cause is, I still think he is pretty strange. 

Also, apparently, again, according to Tawd, the bald guy wears a witch hat on Halloween and Santa hat on Christmas. 

My theory is:

He suffered a psychotic break and murdered his entire family- each one born on different holidays. He escaped from the psychiatric hospital, having his hair permanently burnt off in the fire that killed his family. Now, he wears the holiday-themed head-wear to symbolize that anyone born on a holiday is cursed and he must murder you, as well. 

I was born on Victoria Day, am I next? I'll be right back, just checking that I locked the door so he doesn't start wearing a fireworks head display. 

So much for not spreading rumours.

Darn good and sure of it,


Monday, 9 April 2012

Pressure`s off

It is exam time in our house, but the exact opposite of stress and anger towards each other has been happening. It is very strange that no one is arguing or getting on other people`s nerves. It is probably just because of the piece of mind that there is only 3 more weeks of living together and that is all we have to get through, or people are actually realizing the there is only 3 more weeks to live with everyone we love.

If there is one thing that I will miss about living with these girls, is everyone gathering around and talking for hours and no one mentions homework, assignments or tests. The talks we have are the most random, messed up conversations, that any outsider who sits through them would probably leave 50 IQ points short- no joke, 10 minutes with Krystina does that to you! (joking)

This afternoon, Jillian asked me to call Rogers about our internet, and I had to reset our router and test it with the computer. She was upstairs with me to help, but soon enough, the others heard the commotion and everyone came and sat in the upstairs hallway testing the internet for themselves. Once the internet was back up in working order, we sat there for another hour and listened to 90s music just because we can.

I remember, when we moved in to our house, a few days before classes began. At that time, we didnt really have much to do other than goof off and nerdy class prep. One of the first nights, we had a dance party together in my room. Jillian, Nicole, Amelia, (Krystina) and I were on my bed and the cupboard beside my bed, and on top of my desk dancing to Michael Jackson, Spice Girls and other random songs. I still have the butt marks on my walls from the jeans rubbing against it when we were shaking out booties, and I will never be able to get Nicole`s dance moves out of my head.

Last week, Krista, Jillian and I blasted super gangster music for our drug dealing neighbours who were outside, but then we changed the music to Justin Bieber and other un-drug dealing stuff and sang and danced around the house. This is a common occurance, actually, and we often sing out the window to fellow housemates when we see them coming. People must think that we`re crazy, but crazy is awesome, and we would never deny being a little crazy.

Sometimes things got really crazy- but not us crazy, drug dealing neighbours crazy. Jillian walked home one night from the bar with our friend Moose who lives 3 doors down in the townhouse complex. They parted ways, and Jillian walked the rest of the way home by herself to our door. The druggies were yelling out their window at her to come up to visit them, but she refused so they said they would come down to her. She hurried into our house and locked the door behind her, just in time because they started knocking on our door and trying to break it down. Hulk, Nicole and I were asleep, but when the banging started, Hulk and Nicole got up to help Jillian. I slept through the whole thing! The druggies eventually went home, just in time for the other girls to come home safely, but then they kept on coming back to our door to try and get in throughout the night. It was terrifying.

Although that was the most terrifying night for Jillian and Nicole, my most terrifying night living here came when Krystina had too much to drink one night, and passed out on the stairs and started puking. I called Mario and Luigi over to help me carry her up our stairs and onto the main floor. Then, she stopped breathing. I had to call the ambulance for her because I couldn't keep her breathing. That was the most terrifying moment in my life let alone living here.

After that night, everyone was upset at each other. We had a very unproductive serious `house talk`which left more people upset and confused, than it did solving anything. Apparently serious talks don't go over well with us, they have to be mixed with some sarcasm and fun-making in order to get points across.

I learned that the sarcasm and fun-making does not translate very well over text message or facebook. The notes that I thought were funny, little reminders to keep clean, save electricity and stuff actually came across as mean and bossy. I also learned that I am a clean freak, but I learned to keep my mouth shut when other people are in the room, and I can always clean up later. One of the things I `nagged`about was food storage- I didn't want anyone to get sick!

However, one time, Amelia was sick with food poisoning all night. I know this was not from her coking, but it still happened to her- one of the worst food-storers. I was up all night with her while she threw up. Partly because my room is right beside hers, and she refused to go to the washroom and throw up in the toilet like any normal person, and she kept just puking in her garbage can in her room on her bed. We decided to go to SERT, which is the people that help with first aid, because we didn't know what to do with her anymore, because she couldnt keep anything down. After our walk over to SERT, she felt a million times better, and after we got back, she was fine. For `my troubles`her mother gave me a gift card to Walmart, which was totally unnecessary, but it was a very nice gesture.

Another nice gesture was Krystina`s Christmas gift to me. She gave me a red pocket (the good luck pouches that asians get) with 20 dollars in it. That was the most thoughtful gift I have ever got, because even though I make fun of asian drivers and asian smartness with her little asian self, I still really respect her culture, and I always say that I wish I was asian. She gave me that, which made me a little more asian.

For that, and much more, I wish Krystina the best of luck living with her nursing friends, and I hope that it benefits you to live with all other people in your program. You know that you can call me for anything, even if it is to just nail up your mirror for the 12 hundredth time.

I also wish Krista, whom I have grown very close to over the past year, the best time living with Amelia and a random girl in the other set of townhouses. I never knew how amazing she was until this year. I hope you find yourself a job and make billions as an MLT hehe.

And Amelia. We definitely had our differences, but we are partners on the same dominating scare team `Chicken and Biscuits`. I hope you don't give yourself food poisoning, and I genuinely hope you make it in life. You are an amazingly loving and kind person and I hope we will be friends forever, and you are welcome to my house anytime so we can party with my father.

As for Jillian, Nicole and I, I jointly hope that next year works out for us all, and we continue to have great memories.

My life with you girls is epic. You make me laugh, you made me cry, you have made me laugh so hard that I start to cry. You've made me sing, dance, party, take tequila shots, fall over, vomit, and watch movies all the next day with you. Everything I do, I do it with you right now, and I will forever cherish our memories, and I will never forget 307.

Darn good and sure of it,


My Sick Ride

When I was 17, my dad got me a car for my birthday. Before you go all "oh-my-goodness-she-is-so-spoiled" on me, I would like to clear things up. My dad got the car for free, and it would never pass the E-test (it wasn't road worthy). Since it wasn't road worthy, I painted her all up, and here it is:

Front hood

Drivers side- car on the trailer

Passenger side

You know how they say to not buy a really nice car for your first car because you will end up smashing it in the end...well that is an understatement!

My car
I am an amazing driver, aren't I? If you ever need coaching to back into a parking space, or how to clear the curb in a three point turn, come to me. No seriously, I am a good driver.

I can't afford insurance, so what the hell am I supposed to do with a car??

My first car, the Pontiac Sunfire, named Sunflower, was thee best car ever. I put in in the Schomberg fair Demolition derby in 2010 and got best paint job, and WON FIRST IN MY HEAT coming third place overall being pulled out of my car after it was too smashed.

Demolition derby: like adult bumper cars, except you use real cars in a ring. 

My 2 Trophies on my car

Like father (and grandfather), like daughter!

Now, for my 20th Birthday, I asked for another car for my birthday. Since the price of steel has basically surpassed gold, I pitched in and bought this baby yesterday:

The new sexy beast
I named her Penelope. Why? Penny is short for Penelope, and since Canada has announced they are discontinuing the penny aka destroying the penny, I will, too, destroy the Penny.

I will not be doing Toy Story again as my theme, however I am unsure as to which theme to do:
1.)  "On the Farm" which is the theme of the Schomberg fair this year, or
2.)  Tweety bird and Sylvester from Loony Toons


Darn good and sure of it,


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Proudest Sisterly Moment

Yesterday, my sister, Jean, donated 11 long inches of her beautiful blonde hair to cancer.
I am so proud of her to do this. Recently, one of our friends whom we play broomball with donated 16 inches, and shaved her head for cancer. She is the best-looking bald person I have ever known, and the bravest 18 year old! PROPS!

I am an organ donor, and I think everyone should be. However, my long blonde hair going to someone else to make a wig just weirds me out for some reason.

I have been told by both Jillian and Nicole that I am going to be their future God-Mother of their children. I don't know if it is because I would be a good mother, or for the guarantee that if their liver was what was failing them, I would give up a lobe of mine just so they don't leave me children to take care of. (Not a huge fan of children). I could also live without a kidney or stem cells or other stuff I have 2 of or is not that important. However, my hair is very important to me, and not just that it has to be long so I look older than 15, but because it's mine and other people can see it. No one can see my stem cells, I would gladly donate them, and I would do it tomorrow if the procedure wasn't so risky for myself.

I might sound a little insensitive, but yous should still know: On the back of my donor card, I said to take my hair as well.

Darn good and sure of it,


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Finding a Job and a Career

I have had many a-job in my almost 20 year lifetime. None of which I am particularly proud of (see Well That Was Awkward), but at all of them, I met awesome people and made my wage.

At first, I didn't want to go into any establishments and hand in my resume let alone ask for a manager or call them back a few days later. My mother would always nag me about getting another job, but all I would do was sit there, dreaming of the alternate me in the alternate universe with the courage to walk in and ask for a job.

As a teenager, I dreamed a lot, and wished for everything to be handed to me. Since I walked through the doors of real life in University, I realized a lot of things that my parents were right about. However, as I am sitting here, I am dreaming of what I want to be doing with my life. I don't want to work towards it, I just want to be handed my degree, and be put into the workforce and make money.

I'm very lucky. All I have to do is a 4-year degree and I can get a job as a MLT (Medical Laboratory Scientist), but other people in health science degrees have to go to grad school to get some sort of career in the Health Care field. One of those people is Amelia, who wants to be a radiation therapist (?), and she wants to get into Michener Institute.

It's really too bad she is here for her friends, and not her future career. She is taking the easiest classes for the easy A, but she is not thinking of the prerequisites she will need for the prestigious Health Institute of Michener.  She is putting all this money out for a joke degree that will get her no where in life.

It is sort of like she is always sitting on the couch dreaming of what the girl in the alternate universe would do, except she is probably just thinking, I have A's and B's in University, I will get in!

You're too old to be spoon fed in University.

I will also say that she does not have a summer job lined up, and there is less than a month until full time work season begins. Why? Because she is too scared to go into the establishments and ask for the boss and call them back a few days later. She wants to sit on the couch, find a job online, and send someone her resume through the hustle and bustle of the internet.

For that reason, I feel like everyone needs that one person to push them. Push them too far, to get angry at them, to be nagging at them to do stuff. If you don't, you will end up on the couch for the rest of your life.

The easiest way to get started with something, is to spring up and get to it. Get it in our mind, and set small goals to get to your bigger goal. We are just small people, and the big giant world doesn't stop and wait for us, it just keeps turning and turning making use more dizzy and confused. But now, this turn is yours. Get out there and accomplish something. You feel like the whole world once the deed is done, I promise.

Darn good and sure of it,


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ode to the Bestfriend

when you are sad i will get you DRUNK and help you plot REVENGE against the bastard who made you that way

when you are blue i will do my best to dislodge whatever is CHOKING you

when you smile i'll know you finally GOT SOME 

when you are scared i will TEASE you about it EVERY chance i get

when you are worried i will tell you HORRIBLE STORIES about how much worse it could be and anything else that comes to mind to get you to STOP WHINING

when you are confused i will use LITTLE WORDS to explain it to you- DUMBASS.

when you’re sick stay the HELL AWAY from me until you're BETTER, i don’t want whatever YOU GOT

and when you fall i will do my BEST not to LAUGH 
  This is my oath I pledge till the end, why you may ask? Because you are my

Me love you long time *peace*

Darn good and sure of it,


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Yellow Staphloccocus aureus on Blood agar

For Krysta and Nicole's micro presentation today, they decided to made some enticements for the class and Health Science faculty members. Our cookies don't look as good as some of the cookies you can find on the internet, but we are neither bakers, nor cake decorators. The agar plates are the Pillsbury per-cut, just-add-to-baking-sheet, ready-in-8-minutes cookies from walmart, and the icing is made from icing sugar, water and food colouring. 

We did a pretty swell job, if I do say so myself!

Darn good and sure of it,


Well That Was Awkward- Work Edition

For a while in high school, I worked as a housekeeper at a Hotel and Conference Center. We hosted company conferences, lunches and weddings. The housekeeping staff consisted of 7 ladies who should be retired, and one high school student- me. As break, they would talk about their sick husbands, all the people they know who died recently, and their soaps. Then, after an over-stretched break, it was back to work.

We each took a floor, or a building (there was one large building, and 3 smaller ones) and were left alone until someone would pop up behind you, expectantly, and tell you it is time to meet for break. In those long hours of being alone, I decided to entertain myself by profiling the people who were staying the night in that particular room. I theorized who you were by the type/kind of liquor in your ice bucket, if you partially made the bed in the morning, if you destroyed the bed sheets, if you used one towel or two, etc. I especially liked the people who had a picture of their family on the nightstand for a 3-day conference or the artwork by small children- so cute.

This one time, I was working with this old lady, sharing a cart, so I was on one side of the hall, and she was on the other. It was just after a big wedding, and there were still lots of people in their rooms, even after check-out. After knocking and calling out, "housekeeping" with no response, I preceded into the first room. To my surprise, a man and a woman were still passed out, naked. I had strict orders to get the people out of their rooms, because other people were coming to check-in in less than 2 hours. What do I do? They're naked! I thought that no one was in the room, but I was apparently mistaken so I tip-toed back out of the room, and closed the door behind me. The old lady and I switched hallway sides, and she banged on the door until they woke up and got out. Boy, was that awkward! Happens all the time, apparently.

A few weeks later, I was working with the same lady. She went ahead to start working on a corner room that has a second room attached with a pull-out couch and a few extra chairs in it. I went off to get some more towels and when I got back, she said she was all done with that room. Great! We moved along. A few rooms later, she said we had to go back before the end of the day and finish cleaning the corner room. Apparently, she walked in and made the beds in the main side, and when she walked into the attached side, she found a man laying on the couch, playing with himself. He didn't call out through the open door or anything, he just stayed there and played with himself until she caught him. That is disgusting.

3 out of 4 of the buildings at the Conference Center are haunted, so we have random groups of people who call themselves "ghost-hunters" who come and want to stay in the most haunted building. That building has 6 rooms and 2 communal washrooms. Since it was the only building being used, I was the only one working one Sunday morning. My mind was playing tricks on me and I found myself talking to the ghost after a while. I was terrified. When I was in one of the bedrooms, I felt something in the hallway. I thought it was not good to breath, let alone move, so I stood there in silence until I mustered enough courage to go and check the hall for suspicious blood or flying objects. To my dismay, I found nothing. However, later, at lunch break when I was sitting with the groundskeeper, he told me he had snuck into the building and was waiting in the hall to scare me, but since I never came out, he just left. That was the meanest prank, ever.

Shockingly, this housekeeping job has not been the most disturbing job I have ever had. Last summer I worked for The City in horticulture, cleaning toilets in the morning and picking garbage after the washrooms are clean. When you are picking garbage, you get into this zone where you are incoherent to everything and just focusing on the garbage on the ground. One day, my crew-mate and I were picking along, and I was following this trail of what looked like pieces of toilet paper. Half-way though the toilet paper hunt, a man greeted me, and I greeted him back- its all about public perception. I put my head back to the ground and kept picking. It was then that I noticed something. There was a hole in his crotch that was clearly homemade to pull his wang right out and expose himself to me! Public park, public beach, families all around, small children playing nearby. Seriously, dude?? We reported "the flasher" to our boss, and the second time it happened, we called the police, and the third time it happened, the police caught him!

Darn good and sure of it,


Monday, 2 April 2012

Leibster Award!

I would like to thank Sofia over at Sofia's Blog for my first Blog award! I am honoured to have you think of me as a fellow Leibster. I like to document my musings, I never expected to get anyone to read what I write. I'm very glad you like me, and I like you too!

The rules of the award: 
*Give to a blogger with less than 200 followers
*That blogger will pass it on to 5 followers
*According to Babelfish, Leibster means Dearest

The first one, that's easy! I love the small blogs from small people just entertaining a snip-it of the blogosphere, and I feel like we can be friends haha!! The second one, that's a hard one... I don't have 5 followers! However, I value everyone who follows me, and you are awesome, so I will give you this award:

Daydreamer22 from over at From the Inside>Out is pretty cool. You should check out their blog- I especially like their writing topics, it reminds me of myself.

Katie, over at Life of a Chiro-To-Be is sorta crazy-cool. She likes the weather and the storms of her hometown, and I can also tell that she likes pink.

Anyways, I hope I didn't void my winning by only giving the award to 2 people, but the 2 people are 2.5 times cool, and not just because they read my shenanigans.

Darn good and sure of it,


The Shower

We have this really squeaky bathtub that is located in my bedroom.
Sort of to scale layout of the upstairs
Do you notice how the whole entire bathroom is basically invading my room? Whenever anyone showers, it sounds like a super crazy thunderstorm. The water that is shooting out and the creaking of the bathtub itself is super loud. 

Last semester, Amelia had class at 8am 4 days a week, and she would shower at 6:15am. The first few weeks of school, I was woken up by a heart attack at that exact time, every day. I slowly got used to the routine, and I could eventually sleep through the shower at 6:15am. However, as soon as that routine changed, I was woken up again by heart attacks whenever someone would shower after I had fallen asleep. 

Krystina has placement on Tuesdays, but she usually showers at night, then washes her hair in the sink in the morning. She gets up at 5am, and one day, she decided to do laundry at that time. 

When we were little, and we soiled our beds, my mother would throw a load of laundry on in the middle of the night. I thought something happened, causing her to have to wash her bedding or something, so I jumped out of bed, and ran in to check if everything was okay. She chuckled and said, "yeah, I'm fine, I just need clothes for after placement tonight. Go back to bed". Go back to bed, sure! Go back to sleep? Ain't happening with someone running the washing machine. 

Last night, Kristina and Amelia came back from a party (yes, on a Sunday night) at around 1:30pm. Since Krystina showers at night, she continued to shower her drunk body while I was trying to sleep. Since she was a little intoxicated, she walked up and down the bathtub like she was in a marathon. I would WD-40 the bathtub to stop it from squeaking, but that would honestly not help. 

Instead, I plotted her murder as I pondered if she would notice if I turned off the hot water.

Darn good and sure of it,