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Monday, 25 March 2013

How Can You Make Your Brother A Dork and Like People?

My little cousin called me yesterday to ask when I was running my car in another derby. She wants me to enter into the one by her house so she can bring all her friends to the fair for her birthday. This year, we have 3 cars to enter: my dad's, my brother's, and mine. Since my car and my father's cars are already ready to go (they just still need to be dug out from the snow pile they sat in all winter) my brothers car still needs to be fitted for smashing.

That's where I come in. Sort of. As much fun as it is to strip your car and weld things down and chain doors shut, I much prefer the decorating of the cars more. I come by it innocently, after all, I AM a girl...

The hard part is to come up with a theme for my 18-year-old brother's car that is easy enough to paint, dorky enough to compete for best paint job, and that he approves of.

I've done Toy Story (2010)

I've done Looney Tunes (2011)

And I've done Finding Nemo (2012&2013)
My dad's car isn't even lame. It's Yosemite Sam.

But my brother will not do anything fun. 

His "cool" idea is painting his already-black car, matte black with spray paint, then shooting it with colourful paint balls. I told my little cousin to ask him to put sesame street on the car. It would be fitting if I could throw an Oscar The Grouch somewhere on his car. She said he is too scary. How fitting, Big Bird is scary too. 

It is much more fun when you do it for the crowd. When people want to take a picture with the car. And when people ask how long it took, and you say, "all summer" and they give you a quarter for your troubles. This is his first derby, and hopefully he will learn how much of a crowd sport it is. The cheering and laughter is what makes all the bit lips, bruises and whiplash worth it to smash "Nemo" or "Bugs Bunny" and turning your car into a "Slinky Dog".

Right now, he is just an 18-year-old boy.  An 18-year-old boy going DOWN next derby!

Darn good and sure of it,


p.s. Super excited to find out that Med Lab Week 2013 is April! (Apr 28- May 4 to be exact) Get ready to fall asleep to useless information coming to you from a Lab student for A-Z Challenge!!!


  1. Love toy story! and I love girls who love cars! I work in a car dealership! Girl power!

    1. Hahah!! Toy Story is one of my favorite movies. Ever.
      Thanks for stopping by!